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Hello my three Readers!

Summer is good!  Quick foot update!  I"M FREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes my Doc cleared me to do what ever the hell I want within reason!  Though I still can't wear heels... :( 

Now for the fun! EchoElric tagged me in a journal thingy thing... So here it goes!

1.) Have you ever played a sport (If not, why? And if so, which on?)
                Does Musical Theatre count as a sport? Haha I was also a gymnast not very good at it though... To tall lol.

2.) Favorite dessert?
                 Gulab Jamun it's an Indian desert!  YUM YUM YUM!!!!
3.) Pick only one:: Live near the water in a quiet Malibu, or live in a lively, friendly town in a mansion?
                Friendly town in a mansion :) I like small lively towns!

4.) Something funny/embarrassing that happened to you?
                I got locked inside of my car one time after theatre, because my car alarm went off... I accidentally interrupted a Lacrosse Game and a Wedding because of that.

5.) If you could throw anything at me, what would it be? (Getting a little tired here, as you can tell)
                Probably wouldn't even bother I can't throw anything... 

6.) Say something random here.
                Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey... Stuff 

7.) Are you a gamer? If so, what are your favorite games?
                Does Mario Cart count? I tried COD once... I sucked

8.) What is the WORST feeling in the world for you?
                Being invisible...
9.) Pick only one:: Pink or blue?

10.) Would you rather have no hands or no feet?
                No Feet!  I'm an artist!  Plus I could be a pirate with two peg legs!


Now for TAGS!  Since I know very few people this will be short LOL!

 EchoElric JutsuGal1208  Sero-K2808  TerranceJP


1.)  What do you like to draw?
2.)  Are you part of any Fandoms?  If so which one(s)
4.)  What made you get into art?
5.)  Will you make art into a career?
6.)  Pick one! Being able to time travel with no affect on the time line, or be able to control the elements?
7.)  Any pet peeves?
8.)  Is there anything you wish you could draw better?  
9.)  Tea or Coffee?
10.) Favorite Book? 

Um... have fun?
  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: IDK
  • Reading: Vampire Academy...
  • Drinking: SO MUCH TEA!!!!!!


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the queen of amb
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Queen from the Land of Amb and soon to be overload of the universe! :{D

College Art student, Tea addict, writer, lover of all things Pandas, Violinists, and an A O cutie Pi! I grew up with a professional photographer as a dad and an accountant for mother both of which influence me greatly! I mainly focus on photo manipulations at the moment.

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